In a recent recent one, you can talk about Monte Verde - MG, for one of the following reasons; about 170Km from São Paulo, cold, romantic estino. When you are doing this, Monte Verde is not a Mountain Bike Tracks Map.

An MTB Monte Verde presents us with their secret trails. A Nirvana for those seeking fluidity, roller coaster type, frees the natural and breathtaking landscape.

What about climbs? A painful part for many bikers,but our reward are guarantee! Imagine a squire by nature, with a fun zigzag.

Imagine a trail with these rounds of Atlantic forest still untouchable by man. Imagine the trails for a contemplation.

You no longer need to imagine, this pedal exists! These trails are a brand new  riding at Monte Verde as a perfect place to practice all the mountain Bike. guided by local biker from MTB Monte Verde.


Cancellation and Re-booking Rules:
Deadline for withdrawal or reapplication: Minimum of 24 hours in advance.
SHOW) ** In case of an unfavorable situation that a team judges at a risk, the tour may be
rescheduled on another date agreed with the customer or
and refund